Gathered along the sun-kissed shore, beneath a sky painted in hues of pink and gold, surf enthusiasts from far and wide converge for the annual Logstradamus Wizardly non-test Surf Contest. The air is electric with sound waves as competitors clad in out of this world attire, adorned with whimsical hats and flowing robes, wigs and custom attire, prepare to showcase their wizardly prowess on the waves.

The ocean murmurs its approval, sending rhythmic waves rolling towards the shore, as the contestants take to the water on their enchanted surfboards. Each wave becomes a canvas for their magical skills, as they conjure intricate spells to ride with grace and style. To a soundtrack provided by the Sand Kings triumphant merry melodies band. 

Spectators cheer and gasp in awe as the surfers weave spells of wind and water, performing feats of daring and elegance. The judges, perched atop mystical seashells, meticulously score each ride, recognizing not only technical skill but also the creativity and flair of the wizards.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the shimmering sea, the final competitors vie for the coveted title of Logstradamus Wizardly Surf Champion. And as the last wave breaks, the victor is crowned amidst a chorus of cheers, their name forever etched into the annals of wizardly surfing lore.


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Logstradamus 2024 Team Entry

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