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The Funboard is a descendent of the early egg shapes. It has short board like performance in mid-size lengths. WRV has ruled the Funboard since the eighties with shapes that can differ from full rails and round noses to pulled in templates depending on the desired performance. The Performance Fun is happy in 2 foot surf and will pour its heart out in 8 foot Hawaiian.


*all prices approximate


6’5” - 6’8” ...... $585*

6’9” - 7’4” ...... $595*

7’5” - 8’2” ...... $605*

8’3” - 8’6” ...... $615* 


• Includes gloss polish finish and removable fin system with fins

• Add $20 for quad set up

• Add $25 for stock airbrush

• Deduct $30 for spray finish



• Add $85 to base price for WRV epoxy boards built at the WRV factory

• Allow minimum 5 weeks for custom

• Add $20 for quad fin setup and $45 for convertible


To place an order for a custom WRV Surfboard contact WRV Factory: (252)491-8535, To learn more about boards currently in stock at WRV, visit any WRV location or dealer, or contact a representative.