Wasabi Just Like MA Makes

Wasabi Just Like MA Makes

    Just a quick 7,000 mile trip across the globe brought WRV shaper Macoto Kurihara from Chiba Japan to the east coast once again this year where he spent six days at the Outer Banks factory cranking out 45 flawless boards of international caliber. 

    His home break in Chiba parallels east coast surf with modest racey waves, close to shore with some decent barrels. The similarities lend a sense of familiarity and despite the occasional language barrier, Macoto fits right in to the Mid-Atlantic surf community. Macoto is humble, laid back, has a good sense of humor, and is always stoked to be here… wherever “here” may be.



    His amiable character and affinity for a good time was apparent at the Down the Road Skate event held at WRV Kitty Hawk, where the mini ramp, local surf films, beers, and good times were all flowing. 

    Macoto, or Ma for short, is no stranger to international residence. He put his time in surfing the proving grounds of Hawaii throughout the years which helped him refine his craft. His board building expertise is not limited to shaping- he does every part of the process: sanding, airbrushing, glassing, you name it.


    Macoto worked in the bay next to Leo Ravina while he was in town. Leo recounts how they learned from each other; “He showed me some nuances of digital design; small changes- little tweaks in measurements- that really got results.”

    Leo continued, “When I hand shape there’s a certain movement to the planer that makes it specific to my style. To translate that into the software [isn’t easy]. Most people that learn the software, their shapes come out sort of homogenized … almost elementary, but Macoto can take an image in his head and make every detail come to a refined fruition.”


    The machine has long been an extension of the craft and Macoto understands every inch of it from the ground up, literally. His own machine in Japan was shipped to him in boxes in individual pieces that he put together himself. He’s invested the time required to thoroughly master his process.

    While navigating the nuances of a second language may prove simultaneously enlightening, frustrating, endearing and entertaining, the one thing that is certainly NOT lost in translation is the appeal of his shapes. Macoto is fluent in the universal language of board building. 



    His latest model the WRV Wasabi is the sister model of his Almond model. It's a mini board with an irregular swallow tail (wasabi tail) shape. With an overall wide outline and short length, it is a versatile mini board that's great for quick take-offs in small waves, long-lasting riding, and average-sized waves.

    Look for this and more shapes from Macoto's in-store and online.


    For custom orders contact the WRV Factory

    (252)491-8535  |  wrvfactory@gmail.com


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