Paint the Pavement at ViBe's Second Saturday, November 12th, on 19th street in front of WRV

Local artist Allison Termine of Chesapeake, VA, was selected after an open call to artists in October, during which all artists in the Commonwealth of Virginia were eligible to submit a design. A panel consisting of local business owners, a member of the Virginia Beach Public Art Committee, ViBe District non-profit members and Friends of the Creative District members selected the design which features the state bird of Virginia, on a color striped background. The artist will sketch the design onto the pavement at 19th Street and Cypress from 8am-noon on Saturday and the public is welcome to assist the artist in painting the design onto the pavement between the hours of noon and 4pm. 

Artist’s Statement:
“Throughout human cultures, the natural occurrence of rainbows is seen as a spiritual or mythic symbol of hope, revelation, promises, the light of the future, joyous realization and other positive meanings. For this project, I chose to pair a universally recognized symbol for unity with a geometric representation of Virginia’s state bird, a red Cardinal. The pairing will highlight the important role the that the Virginia Beach Resort and ViBe Creative District play as a place for unity and inclusion where all people are welcome and respect.

Rainbows are also widely understood as a symbol of transformation, unity, divinity, provision, blessings, spiritual light, divine guidance, inner riches, and more. Red cardinals are considered a creative force, with their vibrant red color representing vitality and creativity. It’s a perfect combination for a ViBe Creative District and the City of Virginia Beach!” -Allison Termine


Lots to do during the ViBe's 2nd Saturday:

ViBe Story Exchange 
This Saturday the ViBe Creative District will also host its sixth Story Exchange at Croc's 19th Street BistroOld Dominion University professor and professional Artist, Richard Nickel, will bring one woman's story of self-discovery and strength to life through visual art from noon-4pm. This event is FREE and open to the public. Any donations made will be given directly to the artist!   

Wave Riding Vehicles 
WRV will participate in Second Saturday with free music, food for sale from Malbon’s BBQ – The Flying Pig food truck and access to the WRV skate park.

Parking is generously donated by these local businesses and city parking lots: the grass lot behind Wave Riding Vehicles along 19th Street; the Runnymede parking lots along Cypress Avenue at 20th and 21st Streets; and the Virginia Beach Convention Center lot at 19th Street and Parks Avenue. On-street parking is now available along 18th Street west of Cypress Avenue. 

Motorists who park in other lots or who block driveways do so risking tickets and towing, including the Wareing's Gym and Mary's parking lots on Cypress Avenue at 18th and 17th Streets. 

Rain Date
In the event of rain, the Paint the Pavement crosswalk event will be cancelled for Nov 12 and rescheduled to the Second Saturday in December. All other activities on Nov 12 will proceed as planned indoors.


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