For fans of the Outer Banks of North Carolina - local or otherwise- this book is a must! An impressive compilation of photography and compelling local knowledge by author and photographer Christopher Bickford's, Legends of the Sandbar is a book that captures the essence of the surfing world in the outer banks: 

    Legends of the Sandbar is a photographic tribute to a stormy outpost in the mid-Atlantic and the surfers who make it their home.  It is about a tight-knit band of men and women who sacrifice the stability and comfort of life in mainland America purely to indulge their passion for wave-riding. The project is a celebration of nature, community, landscape, the raw beauty of lives lived close to the edge, and the kinetic artistry of surfing in a challenging aquatic environment.

    Legends of the Sandbar eschews the the glossy, tack-sharp color style of traditional surf photography in favor of a gritty texture and an ethereal mood more appropriate to its subject.

    The book features WRV ambassadors like Jesse Fernandez, David Rohde, Redman, and Sterling King. Copies are available while supplies last at WRV Va Beach and Kitty Hawk. 


    Learn more about the book at Chris Bickford's legendsofthesandbar.com


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