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To sign up for this years Logstradamus Contest please pick your home state, and under the notes section at checkout of your order please put your teams name and your teams shelter/ costume concept.

Contest Info:

  • Contest will be held on June 15 at the 1st Street Jetty.
  • The contest will start at 7am and run until 4pm. 
  • If it rains the contest will be moved to June 16 with the location and times not changing.
  • Each team is limited to four people per team.
  • Each team will be given four after party tickets.(For any extra after party tickets please visit this link to purchase tickets.)


Upon purchase the purchaser agrees to the WRV Release and Waiver of Liability *(Please see below; Please read carefully before purchasing)*


*WRV Release and Waiver of Liability:

The contestant hereby acknowledges that participation in the contest and related activities involved in inherent risk of physical injury, and the contestant, on behalf of the registrant, hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release and forever discharge WRV and all volunteers of the Logstradamus Contest and agents thereof from any and all known liability of whatever kind of nature, arising from and by reason of any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen body and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from the registrant's participation in or involvement with this contest, including any failure of equipment or defect in the premises. Any photographs taken at the contest are subject to be used on social media and can possibly be used for advertising the contest. I hereby state that I am age 18 or older or am the legal guardian of said child participating.