Whats Hawaiian and Philippino and hot all over? WRV Model team member and WRV calendar girl, KAT FRITZ.



Virginia Beach as of 2010




Longboarding, bodyboarding, beach days, singing, volleyball 


Favorite Quote

A heart that loves is forever young


Favorite body part




If you could learn to do anything, what would it be

Drive a boat/Wakeboarding


Best part of waking up

Being Alive


If you were reincarnated as an animal, a drink, and a ice cream flavor what would they be?

Panda. Jameson mule, extra Jameson. Green Tea with almonds.



Kat won 1st place in WRV Model Search 2016


What chore do you absolutely hate

Dusting. My allergies suck.


What sound do you love

Ocean Vibes. Fire crackling.


Favorite piece of fashion

Sexy Panties


Must have in your purse



Celebrity crush

Andrew Garfield  



Most beautiful place on earth

Next to you. Haha jk. Hawaii!


Favorite food

Fish Tacos! With Poki on the side.


Last book you read

Paul Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym



When did you decide you want to pursue modeling

 Since my mom said I was old enough yo wear Victoria's Secret


Person you admire most

Shout out to my mom 


Give us a peak at your playlist

Toro&Moi, Kehlani, Shene Aiko, Travis Scott, The Clash


Kat and Bronte


WRV TV Episode #1, Meet Kat Fritz from Wave Riding Vehicles on Vimeo.


WRV "Kahlua" T-shirt and Tank featuring Kat


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