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A Generator gives the easy, fluid, fun and fishy ride even in less than desirable conditions.  Full, forgiving rails and deep concave rolled into double under the back foot yield excellent fluid mobility.  Wings reduce the tail area, bringing the fins closer to the rail line, which generates speed and allows the board to arc tighter on turns.  Slightly more rocker than a traditional groveler and a fuller nose are beneficial for going off the top and improve performance when surfing more vertical waves. With the 2.0 comes the implementation of the new Carbon Flex, reinforcing and enhancing the boards already stellar drive characteristics. 


all prices approximate 

 Up to 6’0” ...... $535

6’1” - 6’4” ...... $545

6’5” - 6’8” ...... $555

6’9” - 7’4” ...... $565


• Includes spray finish and removable fins system with fins

• Add $25 for quad set up, $45 for 5 fin

• Add $30+ for stock airbrush (factory needs to see a picture of airbrush before quoting a price)

• Add $35 for gloss/polish finish

• Add $35 to base price for California Shaper Pat Mulhern

• Add 8-10 weeks for customs



• Add $85 to base price for WRV epoxy boards built at the WRV factory

• Allow minimum 5 weeks for custom

• Add $20 for quad fin setup and $45 for convertible


To place an order for a custom WRV Surfboard contact WRV Factory: (252)491-8535, To learn more about boards currently in stock at WRV, visit any WRV location or dealer, or contact a representative.